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Panomed Trend Small Animal Surgical Table


Featuring the latest in engineering techniques & a unique design, Pannomed Trend Animal Specific Surgical Table has a stainless-steel top with drain and 14 tie-down hooks / cleats. The Trend has a one-way longitudinal tilt to an almost vertical position. With electric motors in place of traditional hydraulic mechanisms the Trend is electronically height adjustable & is lower in maintenance over the life of the equipment.

  • Satin-finish with drain & 14 tie-down hooks
  • Sturdy & durable with lower lifetime maintenance
  • Castors on one end of the base allow for easy shifting and cleaning
  • One-hand operated tilting supported by Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Foot control on either side of table
Weight Capacity : 120KG
Top Dimensions : 51” x 23”
Adjustable Height : 28” x 40” (Electronically)
Available colours : Red, Yellow, Light Green, Blue, & Light Gray

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