Human Veterinary Customized

Premier XP


The right choice for veterinarians who need a reliable anaesthesia machine with a small footprint, the Premier XP comes with new Momentary Closed feature incorporated into the pop-off valve along with condensation trap to prevent Sodalime build-up.

  • 0.1 to 4 Oxygen Flow Meter with Rotary Float
  • Rotary Float and Large Scale for Easy Readability
  • Recessed Flush Valve to Prevent Accidental Activation
  • Quick-Connect Fresh Gas Outlet for Easy & Secure Switching Between Breathing Circuits
  • SELECTATEC™ Compatibility Manifold for Easy & Quick Installation of Vaporizer
  • Mobile Five Wheel Spider Base 1500 ml CO2 Absorber Designed for Easy
  • Patient Circuit with 2L & 3L Bags

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