Human Veterinary Customized



The Aesculight surgical handpiece is scalpel-like & autoclavable, with variable spot sizes & replaceable laser tips. Exclusive design of the Aesculight veterinary CO2 laser handpiece allows its ease of use and reach for the surgeon, making it advantageous in a vast variety of soft-tissue veterinary procedures. The handpiece connects to the distal end of the flexible fiber waveguide.

  • Tipless laser handpieces that make surgery simpler and saves the veterinarian money
  • Customizable control panel that stores your procedure-specific laser settings
  • Improved laser pulsing modalities, for a variety of pulse energies and rates
  • Flexible fiber CO2 laser for incision, excision, vaporization, ablation, & coagulation
  • Capable of performing all veterinary laser-appropriate procedures

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