Human Veterinary Customized


doctorVet continues to leverage its industry expertise & deep-seated relationships to learn what veterinarians want & be able to produce what technicians need. doctorVet v2 is powerful, portable, effective, & immediately useful in the everyday clinic. Not every treatment area is the same. With multiple treatment heads & the ability to modify the spot size, treatments, in contact or non-contact mode, can fit your patient.

  • Most versatile massager of all treatment heads
  • Promotes optimal penetration in contact mode
  • Spot-size adjustable for non-contact treatment
  • Very good for harder-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for intra-oral & intra-aural treatments
  • Easy-to-use for acupuncture therapy
  • Ideal for post-surgical incisions and large wounds
  • More comfortable for long tendon injuries

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