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OM 302 medical Ozone generator is the most recent answer to the needs of the modern Ozonetherapy. This model is able to perform all the applications and administration routes regardless of the followed medical school and disposables used. Most of the common applications and procedures are programmed and can be reached just by pressing a key. ACM concentration measurement system doesn’t need to be calibrated routinely and the setting range goes from 1 μg/Nml until 80 μg/Nml in a 1 μg/Nml steps.

Quick info



  • Ozone generation for hyperbaric & normobaric treatments
  • Standard units for concentration measurement. μg/Nml
  • Digital displays for concentration, pressure and vacuum
  • High performance quadrupole generator
  • Continuous mode operation for liquids ozonation
  • Built-in catalytic Ozone scavenger with high performance and self-regeneration capacity
  • Standard programs for MAHT, infiltrations, liquids ozonation and bagging therapies