Human Veterinary Customized


The PulmoExpress Digital X-Ray Screening vehicle is infact the best & in some situations, the only method available to reach some of the worst-affected parts of the population. Using PulmoExpress helps raise awareness of Tuberculosis (TB) among high-risk groups & those who work with them. The PulmoExpress vehicle-based unit with the PulmoScan system on board aims to find cases of TB at an early stage of disease progression, before someone becomes infectious & can pass the disease to other people. PulmoExpress includes the imaging modality & supporting equipment for image interpretation & storage, plus an opportunity to link with remote reporting. Its robust design has proven capable of supporting chest screening & early diagnostics of TB program for population groups in rural & hard-to-reach areas, as well as in industrial settings, military units, refugee camps & penitentiaries.

  • Extreme reliability against the external environmental factors
  • Unbeatable compact and robust design
  • Quick return of investment due to effective cost and high throughput
  • Fully digital
  • Fully functional air conditioned diagnosis centre with PulmoScan, Acquisition console, Changing room, Washstand, Power Backup, Generator, Closet and Waiting Room.

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