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HEIFERPLUS gives you an edge by selecting the sex of the next generation while boosting fertility. You can now sex any straw, reduce inseminations, and get more heifers. Simply mix semen in the HEIFERPLUS vial, return to original straw, and incubate for 5 minutes. Semen will be sexed and ready for insemination. Reap the benefits of increased calving rates and more heifers in your operation.

  • For both 0.25ml straws & 0.50 ml straws
  • Works with Thawing Treated Semen
  • Results achieved best when inseminated 16 hours or later following onset of standing oestrus, closer to ovulation
  • Works with Natural or Synchronized Heats
  • Works with Timed Breeding Using Ovsynchr
  • Works with Embryo Transfer
  • Works with Timed-Breeding using Progestins (CIDR/CRESTOR)
  • Multi-unit lyophilized as 20-unit vials, 50-unit vials, 100-unit vials & 200-unit vials

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