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Choose the best ewes with SHEEPPLUS in your artificial insemination program. Produce 75-85% female lambs & increase conception rates by 10%. SHEEPPLUS is a single dose vial designed for artificial insemination with fresh or frozen semen. Simply mix semen in the SHEEPPLUS vial, incubate for 5 minutes & the sexed semen will be ready for insemination. Discover how SHEEPPLUS can benefit your operation.

  • Works by enhancing fertility of the X-Chromosome (Female) sperm & reducing fertility of the Y-Chromosome (Male) sperm
  • Post insemination the sexed sperm sort in the reproductive tract of the ewe
  • Result is the ewe will have more ova fertilized by the X-Chromosome (Female) sperm
  • Percentage of Female Lambs increases 20-25%

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