Human Veterinary Customized


IBEX EVO® II is the next generation of the latest, most advanced model in the IBEX® family. With significantly better image resolution, colour flow Doppler, remote control, improved features & remote image-viewing apps. EVO® II is ideal for equine practices, companion animal practices, zoos, & anyone demanding a high-quality image in a robust system.


With four times the processing power of previous IBEX® platforms, the EVO® II provides image quality never seen in a portable ultrasound this rugged. IBEX® EVO® II is designed to go anywhere, from an exam table in the clinic to the truck to the barn.

Quick info


  • Advanced Imaging Software
  • 3x Brighter Display [1200 NITS]
  • B, B+M, PD, Colour, PWD Modes
  • Ruggedized DuraScan® Transducers 2MHz to 14MHz
  • Fast Boot Time for more uptime
  • Customized, Veterinary-Specific Examination Presets
  • EVOStream™ Wi–Fi Remote Scanning app
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Multiple Headset options
  • Sealed, Sunlight-Readable LED Display
  • Field-Swappable Li-ion Smart Batteries
  • Truly Portable & Lightweight
  • Engineered with DuraScan Technology
  • DICOM compatible
  • Full patient image management system