Human Veterinary Customized



Designed specifically for Bovine & Equine Reproduction, PRO/r incorporates new high-resolution technology to provide clear, high definition scans seen only on higher end ultrasound units. Based on the IBEX PRO platform, the PRO/r is a versatile ultra-portable system that can be worn on the body or set on a table. The combination of ruggedness, simplicity, versatility, long battery life, & affordability make this a great choice for mixed practices, research, academia, & wildlife.


The IBEX PRO/r’s Screen, Keyboard, & Trackball allow easier use of some of the more advanced features viz. measurements, gestation tables, dual imaging, saving & cataloguing images. With it’s versatility, it has a screen for those applications that require it or people who prefer it, but still accommodates video headsets. The mixed practitioner can use it laptop-style in the clinic or chute-side, and then strap it on to use with headset for field use.

Quick info


  • DuraScan® case; Water, Dust & Impact Resistant
  • 2.5 kg
  • B, B/B, B/M & M scan mode
  • Auto Enhanced Field of View with Auto Adjusts Focus, Frequency, Gain
  • Digital Beam–Former
  • Gestational Tables
  • Still Frames & Video Loops Storage
  • Removable Image Storage
  • Voice Label Stored Images
  • Li-ion Smart Batteries
  • 4+ hours Continuous Run time
  • Multiple Headset Options
  • I.C.E.® Arms-Free Scanning available