Human Veterinary Customized


The IBEX PRO® ultrasound is a versatile ultra-portable system that can be worn on the body or set on a table. The PRO is designed for Bovine & Equine Reproduction, Small Animal & Soft Tissue diagnostics. Water-resistant & dust-proof with the proprietary DuraScan® casing, the IBEX PRO can handle any environment. With advanced features typically found on higher-end systems, the IBEX PRO can cover all your needs in one system.

Quick info


  • B, B/M modes
  • Auto Enhanced Field of View with Auto Adjusts Focus, Frequency, Gain
  • Digital Beam–Former
  • Gestational Tables
  • Still Frames & Video Loops storage
  • Removable Image Storage
  • Voice label stored images
  • Li-ion smart batteries
  • 6+ hours continuous run time
  • Multiple headset options
  • I.C.E.® arms-free scanning available
  • Hardwired L7HD high resolution transducer