Human Veterinary Customized


The IBEX LITE is the ideal choice for Bovine & Equine ultrasound. From basic repro to foetal sexing & calf lungs, the IBEX LITE has all the features you need in an ultra-light, ruggedized package. A wide variety of transducers & accessories make the LITE a versatile ultrasound for any situation.

Quick info


  • DuraScan® case; Water, Dust & Impact Resistant
  • 1.5 kg
  • B, B/M modes
  • Auto Enhanced Field of View with Auto Adjusts Focus, Frequency, Gain
  • Digital Beam–Former
  • Gestational Tables
  • Still Frames & Video Loops Storage
  • Removable Image Storage
  • Voice Label Stored Images
  • Li-ion Smart Batteries
  • 4+ hours Continuous Run time
  • Multiple Headset Options
  • I.C.E.® Arms-Free Scanning available
  • Linear, Convex, Micro-Convex & Specialty Transducers available