Human Veterinary Customized


Animal Mobile Operating Theatre or Operation Theatre on Wheels is a Fully Equipped & Fully Functional Operating Theatre which can be transported from one place to another with ease. MobilVot is a solution specifically designed for Emergency, Disaster Relief & Animal Redundancy while also offering immediate or temporary extension to an existing veterinary treatment facility. MobilVot helps many veterinary facilities effectively reduce costs & can be used extensively to treat Livestock Population in the villages & remote areas with very limited veterinary treatment support. Ideal for Developing & Developed countries alike, the MobilVot provides optimal combination of High Performance, Functionality & Mobility.

  • Modern Animal OT with Internationally Standardized Veterinary Equipment
  • Recovery Room
  • Access via Stairs, Ramp and Hydraulic Lifting with 1-Ton Weight Bearing Capacity
  • Separate Entrance
  • Storage Room
  • Internal & External Power Supply
  • Ventilation System with HEPA Filter
  • Integrated Medical Gas System
  • Medical & General Lighting System
  • Safety Alarm via Ethernet Wi-Fi

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