Human Veterinary Customized


The laser shower PowerTwin XP5 has been setting benchmarks in veterinary medicine with treatment technology & has reached its ultimate culmination point in the laser shower. XP5 is characterized by sophisticated technology & ergonomic design.

  • 808nm; 21 Laser Diodes
  • 55 cm² Irradiation Area
  • 2100mW (21 x 100 mW) Total Diode Power
  • Direct connection to the grid (240V)
  • Laser Parameters, Laser Output, Operation Mode, Therapy Time, Dose Rate settable
  • Interchangeable Adapter
  • CW Multi Frequency, Alpha, Nogier, Bahr, Reiniger, Solfeggio, FI Bands, Sweeps
  • Easy Handling
  • Large 4-Colour Display

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