Human Veterinary Customized

Transport 5000 Plus

Portable anaesthesia system designed for office-based surgery centres & small facilities; the Transport 500 Plus is an equipment suitable for transportable veterinary anaesthesia solutions.


Gas Supply

Pipeline Gas : 02
Regulator Output Pressure : 280kPa-300kPa
Security Valve Discharge Pressure : ≤600kPa
Pipeline Inlet Pressure : 280kPa-600kPa


Gas : Scale
02 : 0.0L/min ~ 10L/min
Precision of Flowmeter : 2.5
O2 Flushing : 35L/min ~ 75L/min

Respiration System

Absorbent : 1000 mL
System Leakage : When Pressure is Lower than 3kPa, ≤125mL/min
System Compliance : ≤4mL/kPa
Resistance of Ventilator System Flow Rate : 30L/min <0.16kPa
Flow Rate : 60L/min <0.52kPa
APL Valve : ~0.19-6kPa

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