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MammoScan offers the most effective Full-Field Digital Mammography solution on the market with its low dose & HD Imaging to ensure accurate & timely Breast Cancer Detection. With 27 microns diagnostic resolution, the MammoScan provides better visualization of the breast thus ensuring more accurate detectability of Tumors & Micro Calcifications. Spatial resolution upto 20-line pairs per millimeter offers significant add-on value to the diagnostic process compared to other available digital mammography systems.

  • Patented Slot-Scan Technology efficiently rejects the scattered radiation without the needs of the Anti-Scatter Grid.
  • Detector not sensitive to High & Low temperatures giving users greater installation Location Flexibility.
  • Automated Examination Process & customizable screening & diagnostic workflow presets significantly reduce the examination time.
  • Equipped with Fully Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) to analyzes breast composition ensuring proper factor selection leading to Highest Image Quality in Lowest Possible Dose.

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