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PulmoScan CABIN


The PulmoScan CABIN is Digital Chest Screening System in X-Ray Protective Cabin. PulmoScan CABIN is a perfect diagnostic tool for upright imaging with a high heat capacity tube & high frequency generator. PulmoScan CABIN as a total package offers exceptional clinical value.

  • Invented to provide a High Quality Digital X-Ray Image during Chest Screening.
  • Effective for early detection & diagnosis of chest diseases including Tuberculosis, Oncology etc.
  • X-ray Shielding Construction.
  • High Heat Capacity Tube.
  • Webcam for Exact Scan Targeting.
  • Audio Maintenance PVS (Patient Voice Support).
  • Fits any radiography room or vehicle-based platform courtesy compact size & integrated design.
  • No extra costs brought by Analog X-ray chest screening systems like X-ray film and chemical reagents.
  • Easy to Install & Operate.

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