Human Veterinary Customized



VENTUM is a CT System with full-body scanning feature that can be used for a wide range of Clinical Diagnosis & Studies. The VENTUM family includes 7 different models viz. 6 High-end segment models with Physical Gantry Tilt of 16-slices, 32-slices, 64-slices & 128-slices CT with 50kW Generator; the 64-slices & 128-slices CT with 80kW generator. The 1 Low-end 32-slices model with Digital Gantry Tilt is on offer too.

The VENTUM CT scanners provide the possibility to perform CT-Study with IV contrast using special software called Bolus Tracking which helps to Control Enhancement Level of Vessel (ROI) during IV Contrasting Procedure.

  • High Quality Images.
  • High Scanning Speed.
  • Customization vis-à-vis user preferences (specification).
  • Powerful Pools for 3D Post-Processing of CT-images in Angiography & Multiplanar Reconstruction.
  • Remote Access Consultation & Support.
  • 2D Image Viewer
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Software Packages for Brain Perfusion, Endoscopy, Angiography, & Lung Nodule Analysis

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